Ron DeSantis Wants To End our Freedom to Sell Solar Energy Back to the Grid

Ron DeSantis Wants To End our Freedom to Sell Solar Energy Back to the Grid

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Do you like the idea of rooftop solar panels in Florida? Do you think it makes sense to go green and save money at the same time? Then we need your help to stop a new tax on solar panels in the state of Florida—one that would effectively gut the freedom to install solar panels on your roof and sell excess energy back to the grid.

Please take a moment to sign this petition to Gov. Ron DeSantis, Senate President Wilton Simpson, Speaker of the House Chris Sprowls, and the bill sponsors and urge them to STOP SB 1024/HB 741.

Florida's monopoly utilities don't like the idea of losing customers to home solar, and they are prepared to do anything they can to stop our rooftop solar industry in its tracks. We can't let that happen.

Senator Jennifer Bradley (R-Orange Park) and Rep. Lawrence McClure (R-Plant City) filed SB 1024/HB 741, which would devastate the rooftop solar industry in Florida, destroying thousands of jobs and putting small rooftop solar installers out of business. 

SB 1024/HB 741 will:

  • Remove language from statute calling for the state legislature to promote the spread of clean, renewable energy;
  • Codify anti-solar utility talking points into law;
  • Reduce the amount that utilities compensate customers for customer-generated clean and renewable energy; and
  • Allow utilities to impose new charges, fees, and minimum bills.

This amounts to a brand new tax on solar energy in Florida. It will extend the amount of time Floridians have to rely on dirty fossil fuels that pollute our neighborhoods, cause increased asthma and cancer rates, and threaten our shorelines.

Sign the petition today to protect our freedom to go green and save money with rooftop solar!

57 have signed. Let’s get to 100!