Regular Septic Tank Inspections and Regulations in Florida

Regular Septic Tank Inspections and Regulations in Florida

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Started by Monifah Blake

We need a bill restricting septic tanks. Septic tanks should be inspected every 2 years for damage and/or leaks. In addition, if a septic tank has previous history of leaks, it should be drained and rebuilt or completely shut down.

Septic tanks are very problematic. Damages, lack of maintenance, overfilling, and improper installations may cause the waste to drain out or in some cases, pollute pipelines. Many do not understand that they require strict maintenance, further damaging the environment.

 Florida waters have been plagued by blue-green algae for many years, and are still struggling against it. Research done by Brian Lapointe, a marine ecosystem scientist at Florida Atlantic University, has showed the large role septic tanks play in the blooms.

In 2011, Rick scott repealed a bill which required septic tank inspections every 5 years. Septic Tanks have been proven to be unreliable and prone to leaks. The leaks release nutrients like nitrogen, known to fuel algae blooms. 

Blue-Green Algae affects every aspect of life in Florida. People must be cautious of where they've bought their fish, where their pets and children may play, and the longterm effects it could have on the economy. Florida's beaches, lakes, and rivers are great tourist attractions, but when they are shut down, there are less tourists. Not only does that negatively affect the government, it also negatively affects those who depend on tourism. 

In addition, the algae poses great health risks to people and animals. If a human comes into contact with the algae, they may experience rashes, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, and in rare cases respiratory irritation. However, the effects are much more cataclysmic when involving animals. Cyanobacteria have the ability to produce neurotoxins, which may engender muscle tremors, seizures, excessive salivation, diarrhoea, difficulty breathing, and death within hours or even minutes of exposure. It also produces hepatotoxins, triggering vomiting, bloody or dark stool, and pale or jaundiced mucus membranes. 

167 have signed. Let’s get to 200!