The Last Straw: Rome, GA

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In recent years, many states and countries have come to realize that plastic straws have an unfortunate tendency to end up in ecosystems, posing a threat to wildlife. Consequently, restaurants and cafés around the world are phasing out the small, but deadly straws that were once accepted without question. As citizens of a caring and forward-thinking city, Rome business owners should also take steps towards eliminating plastic straws from the lives of their patrons, thus reducing the risk that the straws find their way into forests, drains, or one of Rome's three beautiful rivers. Those who have signed this petition ask that Rome business owners:
1) Transition to paper or reusable straws.
2) Only provide said straws upon request.
As a nation largely unconcerned with the amount of trash we produce, it is high time that we take real steps towards waste reduction. In eschewing plastic straws, the businesses of Rome would lead the way towards a brighter, cleaner future for everyone.