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Romania-Stop the Torture and Killing of Your Animals!

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Everyday more and more reports are emerging out of Romania regarding the shocking treatment and neglect of their animals.

Mass poisonings, animals being slaughtered in front of children, animals killed in their own homes, or being lured away to the woods and tortured before being shot. Many mass graves have been discovered.

Whilst Romania has animal welfare laws they are rarely implemented, and obscene acts of cruelty remain unpunished.

Street dogs are viciously rounded up by "Dog catchers" and taken to state dog kennels which are horrendous!! Animals live in appalling conditions, many alongside their dead inmates. Dogs are neglected and left without food or water. Many die a miserable death after languishing in these over crowded hell holes!!


Please sign this care2 petition sponsored by the Romanian Organisations calling for animal welfare laws to be respected and implemented.

Also sign and send the letter below to the President of the Chamber of Deputies and the Romanian President.

Thank you on behalf of the Animals in Romania.




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