Protect Rolls Royce Inchinnan job losses

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700 Jobs are set to be cut at Rolls Royce Inchinnan- near Glasgow by July. This is half of the workforce at this factory! 

The employees who face redundancy are highly skilled men and women who will unfortunately be unable to find any employment like it. The cuts will also affect other Scottish businesses who supply products for the company. 

Rolls Royce plan to axe 1,300 jobs in total. The Inchinnan factory is set to make up over half of this. The Maintenance, repair and overhaul section is set to close completely. Why have Rolls Royce not safeguarded these jobs by using their valuable Inchinnan employees? Rather than sending work to other sites which were originally set for this site. 

These employees who face redundancy were placed on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which is part of a collective national effort to protect people’s jobs 
It is plainly clear that the job retention scheme is to be used to support businesses and as titled, retain jobs. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem the case, and many people will feel there hasn’t been enough done to protect the jobs at stake. 

While I’m confident we all understand that Covid-19 has had a detrimental affect on the aviation industry. When the industry inevitably begins to re-grow, how will Rolls Royce meet the demand when they are closing half of their factory within Scotland?

These job losses will create an extreme impact locally and within Scotland and I feel it is important to protect the history and support the Scottish economy now and in the future. 

This may not affect you directly, however if you ask around family and friends you will find one or two, present or past employee of Rolls Royce within Scotland. For this reason, I ask you to support MRO team Inchinnan. 

We urge that the Scottish government and Nicola Sturgeon in particular “will continue to do everything we possibly can to get a more positive outcome to this“

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