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Add Wheelchair Boxing to the Paralympic Games

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Please support this petition in the spirit of competition, fairness and equality. Boxing is a time honored sport of thinking men and women. It is the "Sweet Science." It is unfair that a person would be restricted from participating in this sport, which strengthens both mind and body, on the basis of their disability. Other full contact sports such as Judo and Wheelchair Rugby currently exist in the Paralympic Games. The same athletic and disability classifications for such sports can also be instituted for Wheelchair Boxing, ensuring fairness and the safety of the participants.   On a personal level, this is important to me because boxing is the only sport I have ever truly loved. I have been an athlete for my entire life. I've participated seriously in such sports as Boxing, Basketball, American Football, and Swimming. In August of 2000, I suffered 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree burns from a car accident at 21 years of age, not long after beginning my pursuit of being a unified heavyweight world champion. The extent of those burns resulted in me having to have my left leg amputated below the knee and my right leg amputated above. Since recovering my injuries, I have learned, once again, to walk and I am looking forward to running again some time in the very near future. I continue to swim and play basketball and I have also taken on skydiving. I am now a poet, motivational speaker and published author (pen name: Freez Eternal). Unfortunately, none of these ventures have filled the void left by the absence of not being able to box competitively since waking from my coma and having to have my mother tell me that I no longer had my legs. I am not alone as a disabled person in love with boxing with a strong desire to compete. Not only will u be helping me achieve my dream, but so many others as well... We've already taken and survived the many devastating blows life has offered so far... Help us continue to ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES!   All it takes from you is a signature, and hopefully, encouragement for others to do the same, and I sincerely thank you in advance.

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