A compromise for the censorship rule.

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To the staff of Aniroleplay/Roleplayerme

I have a few issues with the policy that the administration of Aniroleplay has instituted:


|- No where in the blog does it state a reason (or reasons) that answer why this had to be implemented. Stating that your staff feel "modesty" is the "best policy" is too broad and offers no insight towards your decision.

|- The wording throughout the post is confusing—"other photos", "All photos in general" are contradictory. Additionally, the wording isn't clear; are you targeting specific types of photos, or are ALL photos (pre-uploaded and currently uploaded) subject to being exempt?


- A point needs to be made that being radical with abolishing any and all photos that fall under a criteria that inhibits certain types of role-players from feeling comfortable and accepted is not the proper way to go about it. Comic book verses, for instance, feature skin-tight clothing that exemplify the human anatomy between both genders, not just one in particular. The fantasy genre also features "revealing" armor types for characters, most of which are generally accepted. (at this point examples can be cited to further support this.)


- If you're going to institute a policy that regulates the use of "revealing" photos that may be concerning to a particular demographic, make it a point to target the selected group.


-Many CANON characters will now become deemed as inappropriate such as:

-NARUTO: Sasuke, Hidan, Zabuzo, Tsunade

-BLEACH: Ichigo, Renji, Uloquirra, Grimmjow, Yachiru,Yoruichi, Shiba

-The whole "FREE" verse

-ONE PIECE: Luffy, Zorro, Ace, Nami

-CAPCOM: Bayonetta, Dante

-DC/MARVEL: Starfire, Tera, WonderWoman, Catwoman, Zatanna, Raven

-DISNEY: Aladdin, Kim Possible, The Genie, Ariel, Melody, Ursula

-Gurren LAGGAN: Simon, Yoko, Kamina

-FULL METAL ALCHEMIST: Edward Elric, Armstrong, Envy, Lust, Sloth, Wrath, Pride

-HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD: Takashi, Kouta, Rei, Saeko, Saya

-FAIRYTALE: Gray, Natsu, Erza, Cana

-DBZ: All of the male characters.


-  Not every image comes with negative connotations, nor does mutual respect fall at the waist side when it has been known that the community aren't just role-players. There are people that edit and showcase their work for others to view or use as a means to spark inspiration. 


- If you're going to raise awareness to an issue that is questionable at best, take a moment to consider other problems that goes on within the site that continues to be ignored:


|- Harassment to the point where members are forced to leave because they are not heard despite addressing concerns to the staff.

|- Child pornography (whether it's animated or real life) does not matter. It's still an issue for portraying a prepubescent adolescent under circumstances that are universally unacceptable.

|- Theft (whether it's images or written pieces) continues to occur, and the issue (recently) has escalated with a higher frequency of theft occurring.



The issue goes beyond photos—this is a matter of suppressing creative freedom through expression of digital photography and all things similar. Images, while not the foundation of role-playing, do play a role in aiding the user experience. We, as role-players should not be inhibited by a policy that is not clearly stated, but instead becomes obligatory to those subject to unnecessary punishmen


To counteract the discrepancy with minors viewing "adult" content or anything that would normally be considered "inappropriate" for the younger demographic (~13-17 as a base,) a system should be implemented that includes:


- A language filter (vulgar words are filtered similar to how some forum sites censor "suggestive" language.)

|- A digital sheet verifying that the user registering on the site is of legal age to have the freedom of being able to post images and other visual materials without being subject to deletion.

|- The information detailing a user's ACTUAL age should be kept privately and catalogued in some sort of database that the staff can refer to when necessary.


Additionally, the idea of "community moderators" who show competency through compliance to policies that are ongoing (along with those that are current) be appointed to oversee certain parts of the website (e.g. fantasy genre, Naruto verse, Bleach verse.) 


More popular sites based on demographics and surveys will allow for effective use of these "community moderators" to do their part in ensuring a safe and "modest" environment.

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