STOP JERSEY CITY sale of public land to DEVELOPERS, PROMOTE a GREEN CITY for our kids.

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STOP JERSEY CITY sale of public land to DEVELOPERS, PROMOTE a GREEN CITY for our kids.

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Dear Neighbors,

I'm organizing a petition against the sale of public land for exclusive development by Tovaste Management LLC at 23 Cornelison Avenue for the build of a 5 floors residential building with 30 apartment!.

This a beautiful Jersey city owned parcel of land with trees is threaten to be destroyed by development that crushes all lives on their way.

It's absolutely ridiculous that the development of Jersey City goes not only without paying any attention to city public services (the schools, transportation, sewage, etc) but even with use and abuse of cheap public land that could be used to develop an extremely need of green area in the city. According to The Jersey City Environmental Commission, Jersey City has only a 17% Tree canopy when a city of this size should have about 44% for healthy life.

Jersey City has only 17% of green areas compared of NEW YORK CITY ( the city’s tree canopy to be 25% of its land area.) We are as proud city of Garden State on New Jersey already lost to New York City in Green Land area for our citizen and our kids that should grow in healthy environment. Jersey city officials has been allowed to overbuild 7,000 units and even more approved by city planning of 17,000 new residential apartments permits that will surge 20% of the population of the city.

For the sake of competing with Newark they will trough all Jersey City resident in to hell of unsustainable environment and unhealthy life for our kids and next generation who will try to make the city a real community to support life and livelihood in this beautiful town! view/full_story/27121641/ article-New-condos-and-parks- in-a-neighborhood-near-you-- Densely-populated-Hudson- County-sees-growth-in- residential-units-?instance= jersey_city_top_story

This list can go on: 54 stories tower at Journal Square, 70 stories, 50, 79 stories and 69-story towers located in downtown Jersey City.....

At 136 Summit Avenue they went over city planning and allowed the permit for the construction of 9 floors building against the maximum 5 stories permit by the city planning. mit-avenue-bergen-hill-approve d/

The claim it will be easy walk to school, and all services, but NO one build New Schools, no one create Parks (I'm talking parks not  concrete playgrounds) and add anything to Quality of life of our residents. The developers are driven by dollars and nothing more and Mayor Fulop as well as the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency allow it and to be more precise promote it!

We are completely surrounded by developers decided to make a quick buck at the expenses of the residents of Jersey City and against the long term affordability of the city.

If the community doesn't do something and let their voice being heard the city will develop all unused and used areas without any discussion with citizens creating meeting at 3 PM when nobody can attend and approving any kind of development, possibly even with real estate tax abatement.

Any of you who is interested to put his signature to try to stop or at least to slow down this kind of development in our neighborhood please sign this petition.


Irina Shalaeva, AIA LEED AP, IIDA

I'm an architect, live in Bergen Hill,

I believe that we all responsible for sustainable living for all generations that we want to raise in this neighborhood and community.

Thank you,

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