Cancel Vernon Hills Support of Kelly Miller Circus

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The Kelly Miller Circus is an active operating business which manages a circus and tours throughout Illinois. Their act includes tigers, camels, zebras, elephants and more.

On September 11-14th the Kelly Miller Circus will be performing 7 shows over the course of 4 days. The event is a fundraiser organized by the Vernon Hills chapter of the Lion's Club with help from the Vernon Hills Park District. The event will be held at the site of the American Hotel Register company.

Lake County has been a remarkable district of the state of Illinois for its pristine forest preserves and high standards for protection of natural habitats. We have amazing wildlife here as well as countless organizations and shelters assisting in the welfare of domesticated and wild animals.

The Kelly Miller Circus has been cited with 20 violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act over the past two decades by the United States Department of Agriculture for failing to handle animals in a manner that is safe for the animals and the public. The citations have been documented by PETA and are publicly listed here.

The event is facilitated by the Vernon Hills Park District.  Tickets are being sold in the Village Hall which is property of the city of Vernon Hills.  


As a citizen of Vernon Hills, Lake County, Illinois and the United States I request that the September 11-14 circus events be cancelled and an alternative fundraiser for the Lion's Club be planned.

I implore the city leadership of Vernon Hills; including village president Roger Byrne, to evaluate the impact of this event and reconsider having the event be hosted within the city of Vernon Hills.

I encourage Vernon Hills Park District board President James Ballowe, Vice President David Doerhoefer, and Executive Directory Jeff Fougerousse to disassociate themselves with the Lion's Club of Vernon Hills until the Lion's Club ends their relationship with the Kelly Miller circus.

I encourage the CEO of the American Hotel Register Company, Angela Korompilas, to reconsider allowing the Lion's Club and the Vernon Hills Park District to use their land to host the event.

I encourage Tony Beltran, Executive Director of the Lake County Department of Public Health who oversees Animal Care and Control to protect the welfare of all animals entering the county and not permit the Kelly Miller circus to conduct business within the borders of Lake County.

I strongly encourage that Gary Zabilka, President of the Vernon Hills Lions Club immediately end all affiliation, support, and contact with the Kelly Miller circus. This includes removing the link to the Kelly Miller circus from the Lions Club website as well as all events going forward.

Last and most important, I ask John Ringling North II, owner of the Kelly Miller Circus, and all Kelly Miller Circus shareholders to immediately pledge to phase out the use of all animals in their acts. I ask that all animals be found a new home in a sanctuary and that a percentage of their profits be donated to ensure adequate funding for the care of the animals and the maintenance of the sanctuaries. I ask that, in the interim before the animals are phased out, that the Kelly Miller circus accrue wages for each animal which will serve as an initial donation to their new home upon retirement. This will serve to end the slavery of the animals and value them as employees of the company, as they certainly contribute to the attraction and revenue potential.



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