Remove the Oppressor MKII from GTA5 Online

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If the Oppressor MKII is banned, the fairness and thrill will return to our Beloved Los Santos. 

The oppressor affects all the citizens of Los Santos. We used to feel safe when operating our illegal businesses and we felt we had a chance selling our businesses. The thrill of all the road cars is gone in the wake of this machine. 


I recommend we have "Oppressor MKII" grief weeks. Occasionally the Oppressor can take to the skies and cause havoc just not on a daily basis. Or perhaps the peyote buttons could turn you INTO an oppressor. It doesn't really matter what the solution is but removing these monstrosities from our skies is essential to keeping this game gun and fair for everyone especially the noobs.

In order to make everybody happy perhaps we could even limit the flight time of these machines by using the Boston gauge as a fuel tank and perhaps only having 2 missiles per incarnation/spawn of the MKII. 

Moving past MKII culture would bring back a renewed sense of adventure to selling and being pursued within the map. Gone are the days of fearing the hydra or the lazer. Now we fear every try hard with a shark card equipping themsleves and laying waste to the competent skill a pilot needed in order to grief. If you made it to the end of this description I said what I needed to say in the title.