Remove "strAdvancedFlags" handling line from 36 cars in GTA Online

Remove "strAdvancedFlags" handling line from 36 cars in GTA Online

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Broughy1322 started this petition to Rockstar Games

When the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series DLC arrived to the GTA Online world in March 2018, a new breed of vehicles came with it. These vehicles were different than cars from the previous four and a half years because they featured a new line in their handling files (the files that are used to govern & program how cars perform), namely "strAdvancedFlags".

There are multiple versions of values for the "strAdvancedFlags" line, and 36 vehicles from the previous three GTA Online DLCs contain one of these values under that heading: D0000, F0000, 100000, 2F0000, 6F0000, 40000 & 2000000.

Any car that has one of these values attached to it via the "strAdvancedFlags" line exhibits characteristics that are very much not desirable. Most give the car very strange engine physics in which the gears are slow to change up, and the engine will bounce off the rev limiter for a number of seconds before changing gear. And all of them make the car have very bouncy and unpredictable suspension, causing a terrible driving experience over the many bumps of Los Santos and Blaine County.

A more detailed explanation on these advanced handling flags can be seen in the videos linked below, covering the flags from cars in the Super Sport Series and After Hours DLCs, and then the new versions of these flags from the Arena War DLC. - Entity XXR Broken? Advanced Handling Flags Part 1 (Super Sport Series DLC) - Bouncy Cars? Advanced Handling Flags Part 2 (Arena War DLC)

The community has been able to use various methods, such as mods in single player, to test what these vehicles would be like with this single value removed, and they are invariably a better driving experience. This is most noticeable with the recently introduced Itali GTO which has incredibly bouncy suspension under normal circumstances, but once the "strAdvancedFlags" value is deleted from its handling file it immediately becomes much nicer without changing anything else about the car. - Itali GTO With Advanced Flags - Itali GTO Without Advanced Flags - Racing Without Advanced Flags

Those who sign this document are expressing their unhappiness that multi-million dollar vehicles in GTA act in such a way, and request that these "strAdvancedFlags" values are removed from the 36 cars that have them (listed below), in addition to not being included in any future vehicle releases. The community should not be used as testers for the next game (which seems the only logical reason that these things are being implemented this late into GTA Online's life), especially with vehicles costing hundreds of real world dollars in shark cards.

These flags make for an invariably worse driving experience that is unpredictable, unpleasant, and not fit for million dollar vehicles in GTA Online. We do not demand they be changed - instead this petition is designed to show with raw numbers how many are unhappy with these vehicles in this state, and request that they at least be looked into further.

Thank you for your time.


Affected Vehicles (class - name - strAdvancedFlags value)

Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series DLC
Compacts - Issi Classic - F0000
Muscle - Dominator GTX - F0000
Muscle - Ellie - F0000
Off-Road - Caracara - F0000
Sports - Flash GT - F0000
Sports - GB200 - F0000
Sports - Hotring Sabre - D0000
Sports Classics - Cheburek - F0000
Sports Classics - Fagaloa - F0000
Sports Classics - Michelli GT - F0000
Supers - Entity XXR - F0000
Supers - Taipan - F0000
Supers - Tezeract - D0000
Supers - Tyrant - F0000

After Hours DLC
Commercial - Mule Custom - 100000
Service - Festival Bus - 100000
Sports - Jester Classic - F0000
Sports Classics - Swinger - 6F0000
Supers - Scramjet - 2F0000

Arena War DLC
Compacts - Issi (Arena) - 40000
Muscle - Clique - 40000
Muscle - Deviant - 40000
Muscle - Dominator (Arena) - 40000
Muscle - Impaler - 40000
Muscle - Impaler (Arena) - 40000
Muscle - Imperator - 40000
Muscle - Slamvan (Arena) - 40000
Muscle - Tulip - 40000
Muscle - Vamos - 40000
Off-Road - Bruiser - 2000000
Off-Road - RC Bandito - 40000
Off-Road - Sasquatch - 2000000
Sports - Itali GTO - 40000
Sports - ZR380 - 40000
Supers - Deveste Eight - 40000
SUVs - Toros - 40000

Sports Classics - Viseris - ? (after it was broken when introduced, it would appear the Viseris was also given these flags with the SSASSS DLC and should also be looked at)
Supers - XA-21 - (broken since Arena War DLC - front left wheel reacts badly to any kerb/bump in the road) - Accompanying video for this petition, explaining other ways to help bring attention to this issue.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!