Removal of the ability to enter Passive Mode in Weaponized Vehicles

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Passive mode is a feature that is implemented into the world of GTA Online to cater to the players that want to do their own thing. For the players who just want to drive around their favorite car or fly their favorite passenger plane without having to worry about being taken out by another player. Instead of splitting the player base by creating separate lobbies for PvP and non PvP, Rockstar decided that the idea of Passive Mode was a better alternative.

Passive Mode on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game would allow you to be invulnerable to gun fire on foot while at the same time you wouldn't be able to fire your weapon, but the moment you entered a vehicle of any kind, you could be killed by another player again.

On the current version of the game (Xbox One, PS4, PC) passive mode is changed to where you are completely invulnerable to being touched by another player no matter what vehicle you're in. This is a much more effective version of passive mode for the people who do really just want to do their own thing and be a 'passive' player. However, since you can no longer be touched in passive mode by another player unlike the previous rendition of passive mode on the older consoles. Players are abusing this feature in PvP situations to either avoid being taken out by another player or to easily grief other players who are attempting to make money in freemode using the in game businesses that are provided to us. This is more of a problem when paired with the Hydra or Lazer jets as they are the most common griefing tool in the game. Players will often enter passive mode while in weaponized vehicles in order to prolong a PvP battle where they would have otherwise been beaten if the game hadn't allowed it, or use it as a safeguard and follow another player around and wait for the perfect moment to attack, disable passive mode, and kill them. Using passive mode this way promotes an unhealthy and unfair PvP environment for all of the community and contradicts what passive mode was made for in the first place, the friendly players who don't want anything to do with PvP.

We do indeed have vehicles in this game that have passive mode disabled, and if you try to enter these vehicles while you're in passive on foot, it will instantly disable with a message that states "Passive Mode is disabled while using this vehicle." The Luxor Deluxe, Swift Deluxe, Buckingham Supervolito just to name a few, all have this restriction on them, and they are not weaponized. 

So, I am writing this petition in hopes that as a community, we can make a difference, and that we can help make this game a more fun and less frustrating experience for all players to enjoy. All that I ask is that Rockstar add the same restrictions that are on the 3 vehicles I mentioned above (Luxor Deluxe, Supervolito, and Swift Deluxe) to weaponized vehicles, at the very least, weaponized aircraft. Since weaponized vehicles are created and intended to cause chaos and destruction, why shouldn't players have to stick to that commitment when they enter those vehicles?

By signing this petition, you support fair and healthy freemode PvP combat and prove that you also want Rockstar Games to make a change to the current system in place.