Petition Closed

Many gamers who have enjoyed the GTA franchise for over a decade suffered a blow with the new GTA V. The classic control setup that has been used since the beginning was removed from the game. The game controls play a vital part on how you feel and enjoy it.

We don't want the standard controls to be removed from the game. We ask for both options to be available so everybody can CHOOSE the one they prefer. Please add this simple patch, it will make many people happy and it will take nothing away from anyone else.

Letter to
Rockstar Games
Please Patch GTA V to include the OPTION for classic controls

This is a simple functionality that was removed from the game and means a great deal for a lot of gamers. Please help us enjoy this game in the same way we enjoyed its antecessors.

We don't want the current controls to be removed. We are asking to have both options so everyone will be happy. It will mean a lot to many of your supporters and it will take nothing away from anyone else.

Thank you