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Bring “GTA IV: The Complete Edition” to PS Now

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Dear Rockstar Games,

In April 2008, Rockstar Games and Rockstar North unleashed arguably one of the greatest video games in history. This petition is basically to discuss why others and I feel as your title, “GTA IV: The Complete Edition”, deserves a spot on PlayStation Now’s roster.

Personally, I felt that GTA IV was a phenomenal game. Sadly, last year, a group of mischievous teenagers in my neighborhood decided to break inside of my home while I was away at school and steal my PlayStation 3, which I owned for nearly eight years. It took me almost an entire year, before I was able to afford another console, but this time I decided to upgrade my experience and purchased the new PlayStation 4.

Recently, I began to miss IV. Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, and Luis Lopez were all amazing protagonists. Drawn in by their unique stories, I felt myself amazed of how IV is a better game than most games on the market. But moving onto the topic, I believe Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive should allow Sony to add GTA IV: The Complete Edition to the PlayStation Now feature.

― Roger, 18

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