Ask Rockstar Games to fix the server errors in Red Dead Online

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Since the launch of Red Dead Online in November 2018, many players are complaining about being disconnected randomly and frequently during their game and the problem isn't fixed by Rockstar Games.

We're kicked out of the game with a black screen and the message : "You have been disconnected from Red Dead Online due to a fault on Rockstar game services. (Error: 0x20010006)" (and other error codes).

We’re constantly losing progress and objects, losing RDO$ and Xp we could earn. It’s ruining our experience and we can’t play normally with other players and friends. 

Since the beginning Rockstar Supports only direct players to their support page and ask them to open tickets which don't lead to a solution. Port Forwarding and other recommandations don't work. Rockstar Games only add new content to Red Dead Online but didn't fix the problem for more than 10 months now.

Sign this petition to ask Rockstar Games to act, to fix the problem, instead of adding content without solving main problems for their players.

Please Rockstar, fix it.

Thank you.