Keep Budget Vet in Business in Rockdale County Georgia

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Budget Vet is a lower cost alternative to veterinary care for the residents of Rockdale County, Georgia and surrounding communities.  Currently, the office of Code Enforcement in Rockdale County is attempting to have the business license and Special Use Permit, both legally obtained, revoked for some unfathomable reason.

Budget Vet has been working for months to comply with conditions of the Special Use Permit.  When evidence of compliance was presented to the Office of Planning and Development, the director chose to not even read the evidence, but rather hand it back unread.  This is a gross violation of due process.

Budget Vet simply wants to be able to continue to provide alternatives to the very high cost of veterinary care in this area.  In order to do this, Budget Vet found a property that could be used in a much less expensive manner than traditional commercial properties.  Denying Budget Vet the use of this unconventional property will result in the company having to move and expend considerable resources, thus increasing the prices considerably and making it impossible to continue to offer lower cost services.

Budget Vet serves not only the community at large, but also multiple animal rescue groups.  We believe we are an important part of this community and ask that the County Commissioners step in to ensure that Code Enforcement properly reviews all materials submitted and gives us a fair hearing.