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ROBLOX, repeal the "Forum Upgrade"!

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On July 14th, at 4:38 PM PST, a new message came to every users' ROBLOX inbox in the News tab. It read, "Dear Robloxians,

As the community continues to grow and evolve, our vision is to create a positive and constructive environment where everyone is welcome to share their passion for Roblox. Moving forward, we will be introducing new improvements to the Roblox Forum to provide you with a more streamlined experience.

On July 27th, 2017, the existing forums will be rolled into the following categories. If you have posted content in any forum NOT listed below, please make a copy of it now.

Roblox News & Discussion
Clans & Guilds
Let’s Make a Deal
Game Design

We’re committed to providing players with a place where they can continue safely engaging in interesting discussions about playing and creating amazing experiences on Roblox. We believe these newly organized forum categories will help facilitate these kinds of friendly and collaborative conversations within the community.

As always, we appreciate your continued involvement on the forums. Thanks for being part of the Roblox community!"

As of today, July 27th, this "Forum Upgrade" officially came in to action. Many sub-forums were removed, including All Things ROBLOX, Suggestions & Ideas, BLOXfaires and ROBLOX Events, ROBLOX Talk, Off Topic, Game Marketing, Video Game Central, Video Creations with ROBLOX, Ro-Sports, Pop-Culture (Music/Books/Movies/TV), and Role-Playing. This "upgrade" put every major sub-forum into one sub-forum, which is ROBLOX News & Discussion. The other sub-forums ROBLOX left standing were Clans & Guilds, Let's Make a Deal, Game Design, Scripters, and the Help sub-forum. Every single off topic/out of ROBLOX sub-forum is gone, leaving those communities with no sub-forum. This included Off Topic, and the entire entertainment category. This "upgrade" had no purpose and was useless. ROBLOX could've actually fixed something about the forums. like the sometimes broken "Search" feature or the Top 25, 50, and 100 posters feature. Instead, they decided to narrow down the choices of sub-forums and throw all the communities into one chaotic mess.

I, myself, used to forum in All Things ROBLOX. There were more negative reactions about this update rather than positive. This update did not benefit the community and just made things more confusing. I want All Things ROBLOX, and the other sub-forums back. This isn't what I believe to be "Powering Imagination". All the creative and imaginative sub-forums are gone.

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