Unlock/Unban Nova Hotels.

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Nova Hotels, is on Roblox a platform that encourages both to develop games and play them. As there as some people who like to ruin it, there are Roblox admins/moderators, but this can also lead to mistakes (i.e. Nova Hotels getting banned for no reason). We believe we as a community, we have done nothing wrong.     

Simply what happens;

1. Join the game.

2. Go to the reception.

3. Ask for a room.

4. Go to your room, or go to the water park.

5. Enjoy.

 What we want. We want Nova Hotels to be unlocked/unbanned and if that is for some reason not possibly a long explanation on why we were banned, and the outcome/effect that has "helped" Roblox. Because Roblox banning people helps them..?