ROBLOX to restore LiamTayle's ownership of Remmington City Police Department

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Remmington City Police Department is the largest police department group on ROBLOX. We currently have over 140,000 members and we're growing significantly every day.

On Friday 4th May 2018, our group holder LiamTayle was hacked and Remmington City Police Department was stolen by HitsquadZ2. HitsquadZ2 then sold the group to johnnythesellaaa and he sold over 100,000 R$ of the group funds for real life currency. It was clear that HitsquadZ2 or johnnythesellaaa had no intention of actually running the group themselves and were only there to make money. Both of these accounts have been banned from ROBLOX so they already know that they were scammers.

We have contacted Roblox and have recently been told that we will not be given our group back. We have worked hard in Remmington City Police Department and the group has grown under our leadership. To be told that we're not getting our group back is infuriating and as paying customers of their service, we feel let down by ROBLOX's unhelpful response to the situation.

We are asking for your support to send a message to ROBLOX. Sign this petition and help us get our group back.