Restore De Pride Isle Sanatorium! The most influential LGBTQ+ Game on Roblox!

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On December 17, 2019 Roblox has taken down De Pride Isle Sanatorium, the most popular and influential LGBTQ+ game and community on Roblox. For us to be shut down and our game taken away without any warnings, means that a platform for acceptance and love was destroyed. This game has brought so much light to many people who struggle with LGBTQ+ issues in real life and provided a home for people who felt as if they don’t belong! We’ve literally saved countless lives with our game. People should not go through these issues alone, and with this community, we were able to provide somewhere for people to seek refuge from the world of homophobia and hate! 

Signing this petition, you implore and demand Roblox to re-think their decision once again! Of how De Pride Isle gave you a positive impact in your life!