Re-evaluation & Update of new Roblox TOS.

Re-evaluation & Update of new Roblox TOS.

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Reuvyn Elvona started this petition to Roblox

If you haven't already been made aware of the new Roblox TOS, here is an overview of the new TOS that Roblox has implemented.

[1] No screaming on Roblox Voice Chat. (This one is fair enough.)

[2] No Political Content.

[3] No Giveaways, sweepstakes, or contests.

[4] No Depictions of Real World Tragedy or Natural Disasters.

Now, we're not saying that these new rules should be deleted, however, it needs some SERIOUS reevaluation - A LOT of popular experiences on Roblox depict Natural Disasters, the experience called Natural Disasters has been one of Roblox's leading experiences for as long as I can remember. This experience, as well as many other experiences, are at risk of being deleted PERMANENTLY because of these new rules. 

Roblox has stated that these experiences may remain if the intent of the experience is to be informative/educational, but realistically who wants to have a history lesson about the Titanic while sinking on it. People play these experiences for FUN, what is the point of logging onto Roblox after a long day at school, just to be taught about Natural Disasters & Real World Tragedy. Sure, if the game was created with MALICIOUS intent, Roblox has every right to delete the experience, however, some of the experiences that depict Real World Tragedy are ROLEPLAY experiences. 

There are thousands of experiences, some being quite popular, are roleplay games that depict war, some depict the Titanic sinking, some depict gang & gun violence, etc. Our question to Roblox is how are you going to go about censoring things that happen in real life? Roblox moderation has proven itself to be sub-par in a multitude of ways - if an experience is appealed what are the chances of it actually being accepted; because the appeals team is quite frankly a different specimen of idiotic.

Experiences with obstacles will also be removed, as it exhibits 'Dangerous physical stunts' because jumping across voids or from heights on a pixellated game is considered dangerous. In addition, you're not allowed any guns, violence, OR gore, so the following games will be removed: Arsenal, MM2, Breaking Point, Da Hood, Tower of Hell, etc.

Did I mention that you can't dress as YouTubers avatars? That is correct. So if a YouTuber is a bacon, you cant be a bacon (basically anybody who has no Robux is screwed, seems a tad bit classist if you ask me but let me digress.) You also aren't allowed to have your display name as any kind of TV or game character - RIP anybody called Sae Byeok.

If you're going to update the rules, at least make sure that your moderation team is already moderating things that are on the list because lately, I've been seeing little to nothing being done about these current rules:


Rule 3: Bullying & Harassment - I see it on a daily basis, fix this.

Rule 5: Sexual Content - it's super easy to bypass, fix that too.

Civility and Respect

Rule 10: Discrimination, Slurs, and Hate Speech - Roblox knows damn well they do nothing about this one, FIX THIS NOW.

Rule 12: Profanity - Y'all... If you can't stop swear words how are you gonna regulate political content? Goodbye. Anyway, fix this too.

Rule 16: Harmful Off-Platform Speech and Behavior - And how are you gonna regulate this? You MUST be kidding.

Anyways, I don't want to get too off-topic, but I'm just saying that a game that depicts real-world tragedy is the least of your issues. You have racists, homophobes, transphobes, Islamophobes, Ableists, Anti Semitics, Sexists, AND MORE, lurking on your precious platform while you're more caught up worrying about somebody showing an Earthquake on an online game.

Priorities right?

To be clear, we want a HEAVY re-evaluation & change in the new rules, as well as an improvement of your user's safety & Moderation. The rules that have been implemented were clearly a poor attempt at making Roblox a safer platform, however, that issue lies with the moderation & appeals team, not with us.

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