For ROBLOX to change their uploading fee for designers!

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ROBLOX dev forum article - "Upcoming Changes to Avatar Catalog Upload Requirements" 

ROBLOX has just posted that they are planning to include an upload fee for every item uploaded on Roblox. (shirts, pants, t-shirts, etc)

This is a GREAT issue towards the designers and others on Roblox that takes the time to create and sell their work. Some designers don't make the 100 Robux per sale. This would put MANY designers at a place where they cant afford to design and upload as they love to do.

This issue is set in place to reduce the amount of upload abuse which is a very important issue, but me and many others feel there could be a better solution to this. They have also made it so you do NOT need premium to upload clothing. I feel this would also make it so scammers, clothing abusers, stealers, have easier access to upload clothing, they only need Robux. I feel having premium adds the extra security.

Another solution that I had seen mentioned by @RblxLiz_ that they can add a designer program, that you have to apply and be accepted to be able to upload clothing to the catalog. (just like the UGC program but allowing more designers to be accepted) Along with that I personally feel there could be better ways to prevent these issues with the Roblox catalog that DOESN'T affect the designers. (even possibly a shorter fee, rather than the 100) 

In conclusion we hope to see Roblox put out something that benefits and adds to the safety and protection to the designers of Roblox and their wonderful designs and the creations they put out to Roblox!