Allow ROBLOX Experimental Games to be playable

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Recently, ROBLOX made changes to their website, now disallowing users 13+ or not to play experimental games. They claim that this accomplishes the following goals:

  1. Enhancing the safety of our community
  2. Putting an emphasis on secure development earlier in the learning process of developing Roblox games
  3. Reducing the risk of undesirable changes being made to your games without your permission

This however causes problems;

  1. Old games of developers that are inactive will now die.
  2. FE is a different way of scripting, and more complicated to approach than Experimental Scripting. Where this comes in is the popular Experimental Mode games, where the creator and/or developers are unable to do FE scripts.
  3. Can kill developers with big potential.

This change will kill a lot of games and will eventually get rid of developers. I like to make games, and GUIs. But, this has currently really killed my games, since i cannot do FE scripting then their quality and function with the GUIs has all gone down the drain and i'm sure this has happened to other developers too. And clearly, nobody seems to like it.

See the Twitter post here


Safety in both modes vary. But, exploiters cannot be stopped with FE. This only prevents commands from replicating, and exploiters can still teleport and noclip through walls, and when this is used in games like Prison Life, it will destroy the experience for everyone. 


We hope for players to be able to play Experimental Games again or at least more understandable, detailed and easily accessible help for developers to understand and script in Filtering Enabled.