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ROBLOX provide compensation for those who had unwittingly uploaded copyrighted music.

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For years, many users on the popular online game site, Roblox, were allowed to upload pieces of music and sound files on the site for usage on their games through paying money for the online currency Robux. Back in 2013, when I first started playing it, the majority of popular audios on Roblox were copyright pieces and at the time most individuals believed that it was totally fine to upload pieces of music on Roblox even with copyrights. However, there was no blockage of copyrighted pieces of music on the site and no attempt by Roblox at the time to prevent users to do so. Due to this, many individuals had payed the Roblox Corporation thousands of dollars unknowingly believing they were allowed to upload these pieces of music to the site due to this fact and several pieces of copyrighted music were utilized on Roblox games and permitted to be uploaded on the site without any proper enforcement by the company. However, the Roblox Company did a good job on only keeping the any music uploaded prior to 2018 friendly for all its users but it still didn't prevent the uploading of copyrighted pieces. On June 18th, 2018, Roblox had taken the effort to take down copyrighted music from their site which is a positive step. However, the individuals who payed for the music to be uploaded thinking that they were allowed to do so were not refunded at all. This is a clear violation of the funds of these several individuals as Roblox failed to block these pieces of music being uploaded and the in game currency spent on uploading them failing to be returned back to the user as a result of that. Keep in mind that Roblox is a game played by several children as well as teenagers who have unwittingly done this and prior to 2018, most of the popular most-taken music pieces on Roblox were in fact copyright songs. This petition does not exist to undermine Roblox or its just action in preventing copyright audios from being uploaded on the site. The purpose of this is to ask Roblox to refund these individuals for doing something they didn't realize was wrong due to them failing to enforce the uploading of copyright audios for several years prior to June 2018 when they had the clear knowledge of it. Thank you for understanding and I am hoping that this will lead to some compensation for this mistake as you are a popular online gaming site that many players around the enjoy every single day. 

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