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Take down Soro's Restaurant and ban InfusedTristan

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Soro's owner, InfusedTristan, offers incentives to players to get them to work for him. He will offer them an amount of robux that is not even close to the worthiness of the item/build. He will later refuse to pay for an amount that is closer to what is fair. Even if they get the amount they want, they will be banned from the group and its games or related franchise forever.

They will also try to force you and manipulate you to take better views on them, to an almost insane amount. They will lie to a crazy point, and paint bad views on other Roblox players they do not like. They will put copyright strikes and claims on anything that points out these problems.The HR group is extremely corrupt, rude, and hateful.

You might ask, why should ROBLOX care? Isn't this beyond their control? No, it isn't. They are the ones who control the accounts, groups and all other things. 

And roblox, you might ask, why should we care? Well..

  1. This is not what Roblox represents, it is supposed to be a friendly community without haters or discrimination
  2. They are breaking Roblox rules, here are the main ones: Roblox Community Rules, Guiding Principles, 1 2 and 4(
  3. It is plain common sense. Why would any game that claims to be a friendly community have people that really don't care about peoples feelings allowed to do these actions?

What happens if you sign? You are showing the community you will not let these people continue their attacks on innocent players. You are investing in showing common sense. Most importantly, this could be affecting you, right now, right there. Thank you for signing.

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