Please Dismiss Erroneous Kidnapping and Child Endangerment Charges Against Cinnamon Kelly

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It has been over two years since Cinnamon Kelly was charged with kidnapping and child endangerment of her two grandchildren, due to a NJ Child Protection and Permanency caseworker who lied to police. At the time, the children's parents had full physical and legal custody. Cinnamon had permission by the parents to have her grandchildren. She also had her nine year old daughter with her. Oddly, she was never charged with child endangerment of her nine year old, just her two grandchildren. Her name and photo were plastered on news networks and other media as a kidnapper. The children were found with her safe, fed, bathed, and sleeping. She was arrested and unjustly spent 10 days in a Delaware County jail. Upon hearing of her arrest; friends, family, community leaders, and local business owners publicly poured out their support for her to the media and online. She was extradited to Cape May County where she was released on her own recognizance on a $100,000.00 cash bail, no 10%. She has been home raising her daughter since. Had she not been R.O.R.'d, she would still be sitting in Cape May County jail these past 2 years, waiting for the C.M.C. Prosecutor's office to either indict her or dismiss the charges. 

Since that time, the same Division that made the claim that she kidnapped and put her two grandchildren in imminent danger, have allowed the children to visit with their father in Cinnamon's home, spend overnights in Cinnamon's home, and even put together a reunification plan with the children's father that included them ultimately residing in Cinnamon Kelly's home. Does this sound like they believe that the children are in danger with her? 

 Cinnamon Kelly's grandchildren and her daughter are her world. Making sure they know that they are loved and safe is part of her heart and soul. She is a beautiful person and an amazing parent. Her daughter Mahogany, organizes a volunteer community clean-up called Mahogany's Land It The Can, has been given community service awards, featured in news articles, and received letters of commendation from community leaders all under the guidance of her mother Cinnamon Kelly. This is not a person who puts children in danger, but in stark contrast leads by example and encourages them to be positive productive citizens.  

It is our belief that the Prosecutor's office has not indicted Cinnamon because the case is clearly flawed, yet they have not dismissed the charges because of what we can only believe is pressure from the Division and their prolonging of an inevitable civil suit. Walking around for 2 years with a felony kidnapping and 2 felony counts of child endangerment has had heartbreaking consequences. Cinnamon can not volunteer at her daughter's school, cannot serve her community as a civil servant, and she can not apply for any job that requires a background check, as her name comes up with alerts of the pending charges. Even a simple Google search brings up multiple defamatory news articles.

The Cape May County Division of Child Protection and Permanency is not only fallible, but broken. They are a necessary organization for the protection of our County's children, but there is no accountability for caseworkers who twist facts and falsify reports. We hope to bring a civil suit to correct this for the integrity of the caseworkers who are doing their job the right way and for the parents and grandparents who are doing their job the right way too. 

We ask for your support in bringing this injustice to a close, not only for Cinnamon, but for her daughter Mahogany and her two grandchildren. Please sign this petition to respectfully request the Cape May County Prosecutor's office to dismiss these charges.

Thank You.

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