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Vote to uphold the Hunting Act and protect our wildlife

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I was disheartened to learn that the Conservative MP for Poole, Robert Syms intends to vote for the repeal The Hunting Act. The Hunting Act recently passed its tenth anniversary, and has never been more popular, with 8 out of 10 people saying that they support the ban on fox hunting, and even more supporting the ban on stag hunting and hare coursing. All three are currently outlawed under the Hunting Act. I support the Hunting Act because chasing and killing wild mammals with dogs is cruel and has nothing to do with wildlife management. The debate on a foxes' status as vermin or otherwise I will leave for another day but it is safe to say, foxhunting is inhumane and should not be allowed. There is no credible evidence that fox numbers have increased since the ban or that more foxes are being killed by other means. Moreover, hares are a declining species in Britain and classified as a conservation priority. With over 400 convictions to date, the Hunting Act is the most successful piece of wild animal welfare legislation in this country’s history. However, the ban is now facing a serious threat of repeal. A modern, one nation Conservative party should not be supporting a repeal of the Hunting Act, which has majority support across all parties and social grades, and is as strongly supported in rural areas as it is in urban. Recent Ipsos-Mori polling shows that 66 per cent of Conservative voters want fox hunting to remain illegal, 83 per cent want deer hunting to remain illegal, and 87 per cent want hare coursing to remain illegal. This is not, as some have suggested, an issue of class or political affiliation, it is an issue of compassion. Please sign the petition so than we can continue to protect our wildlife. Image credit:

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