Alita: Battle Angel Part 2

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Alita: Battle Angel was a fantastic movie released in February of 2019. This movie was clearly set up for sequels and has a strong fan base of both those who have been fans of Alita for years from the manga and those, like myself, who were first introduced to Alita through this groundbreaking movie. 

Currently at the making of this petition the movie is in its second week of release and things look like it will break even. Though there is still a possibility that the movie could turn a fair profit it would be considered a slim profit. This could mean a possibility of not getting a sequel.

So the idea of this petition is to get a group of people together to show James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez that there is still good reason to make a second movie. 

So, please sign if you support James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez making Alita: Battle Angle Part 2.