Protect the Children Against Bullies

Protect the Children Against Bullies

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Started by Brittney Smith


My name is Brittney. My 5 year old son has been terrorized and has been a target for 4 bullies for 2 semesters in his Kindergarten class. Principal Kline and Vice Principal Howell are purposely not following my son's safety plan! The safety plan states that my child isn't allowed to be anywhere near the bullies, but the Principal and the Vice Principal do not care.

Although I repeatedly asked to be notified, the school NEVER notified me when my son was being pushed in the mud, pinched in the bathroom, taunted, cried, or had his seat taken from underneath him in his classroom. I was not offered any bully report forms and my son was not offered any support services. The Woodland Hills School District refuses to answer any of my questions. 

The school notified me when my son defended himself against the white student, and they notified me when the black student taunted my son and/or the bullying stopped, but they never notified me when the white students bullied my son. 

They neglected my son's mental health. My baby now has to see a therapist because he has anxiety. I was giving my baby Pepto Kids because I thought that he had a bellyache. It was anxiety!!! I had to ask my son the right questions. My baby was not having a bellyache, it was knots in his little tummy because he was anxious to go to that Elementary school. Wilkins Elementary Steam Academy is not safe for children. They allow the bullies to keep bullying and they allow the victims to continue being targets for the bullies. It is time to stop saying "kids will be kids."

Woodland Hills School District neglected my son and allowed him to be physically abused. The School Board called it a "mistake" and a "miscommunication,"I call it dismissing my concerns and negligence. 

It is time to hold the schools accountable for neglecting children. The law needs to protect the children, not the school. 

There are not any FEDERAL laws to protect children against bullies. It is up to the states. Apparently, the State Laws are not suffice. We need FEDERAL laws. The schools are taking advantage of children in Elementary Schools because they are still psychologically developing. A child who is psychologically developing is not going to go home and tell their parent(s) that they were a target for bullies! That child more than likely does not know what a bully is because they are new to Elementary School.

We send our children to school to learn, not to defend themselves. It is time for the laws to change and adapt to the changes of today. For example, it is time to acknowledge that children are entering into Elementary Schools with mental health issues and that it is time to offer more mental health services in schools. It is time to hold parents accountable if their child is a bully. It is time to protect the children from the schools that are supposed to provide a safe environment for our children, but are providing an unsafe environment for our children.

If the laws do not change soon, it will be our Elementary students bringing weapons to school. Actually, that has begun. Elementary school students are committing suicide because they are suffering at the hands of the school. If we do not send our children to school, parents will face truancy. It is time to ask, "What is going on inside of the schools and what is going on at the bullies home."

These babies are suffering in silence! It is time to #ProtectTheChildren

1,031 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!