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Robert Oscar Lopez has been on a wild, public gay-bashing campaign, in support of a scientifically invalid gay parenting "study" by the University of Texas at Austin's Mark Regnerus. The "study" was funded by anti-gay-rights authorities of the Witherspoon Institute, who also are authorities at the anti-gay-rights National Organization for Marriage. Witherspoon/NOM and Lopez have weaponized the scientifically invalid Regnerus "study" and are intentionally using it to inflict harm on gay people, their families and their rights.

Here is the kind of anti-gay hate speech that Robert Oscar Lopez previously has published in his essays on the right wing "American Thinker" website: 1) "I don't see how to legalize gay marriage without feeding into an insidious agenda I have much reason to distrust." 2) Here is Robert Oscar Lopez's view of the discriminatory DADT law, now defunct: "Don't Ask Don't Tell, a humane law that protected gay people's privacy and allowed them to leave the military voluntarily if they felt it was too hard to serve while gay." 3) Here is Robert Oscar Lopez, mocking people who film "It Gets Better" videos: "They think sixteen-year-olds across the country need to hear their saccharine life stories, so they post thousands of videos online and call the campaign "It Gets Better." 4) Here is Robert Oscar Lopez, referring to all gay rights advocates: “a fusion of rabid housecats, Ariel from The Tempest, and barracudas"

NOM/Witherspoon-funded anti-gay researcher Mark Regnerus saw that kind of remark from Robert Oscar Lopez online. Regnerus then contacted Lopez FIRST, and began a correspondence with him about his "study" and about "LGBT issues."

Then, on Regnerus's funders' Witherspoon website, a gay-bashing essay by Robert Oscar Lopez was published, in support of the scientifically invalid Regnerus "study." Moreover, Lopez wildly misrepresents what the Regnerus study actually says, and, he misrepresents the Regnerus study exclusively in ways that veer hard into anti-gay-rights incitements -- precisely where Regnerus's funders want them going.

Regnerus appears to have violated the American Sociological Association's Code of Ethics for Public Communications, which says in part: “Sociologists adhere to the highest professional standards in public communications about their professional services . . .. work products, or publications, whether these communications are from themselves OR FROM OTHERS.” (Caps added). Regnerus knows that Lopez very egregiously misrepresented what his study actually says; and, Regnerus is in contact with Lopez, and Lopez's essay was published to Regnerus's Witherspoon/NOM funders' website and then promptly cross-posted to the NOM blog, and elsewhere by NOM authorities.

When NOM strategy documents were released in March, 2012, they described an evil plot to get children of gay parents to denounce their own gay parents to the public. Lopez's activities appear to fit that evil plot. Certainly, his public statements about his "lesbian mother" don't seem to hold water. For example, Lopez says that out of his siblings, he was the only one raised without the presence of their father. Yet, in his essay, he says that he was born when his mother was 34, and that he was 19 when she passed away. In other words, for it to be true, that Lopez was the only one of his siblings to have grown up without their father in the house, all of his siblings would have had to have been full grown by the time their mother was 34.

Lopez should immediately present all of his siblings to the public, for the stories he is telling about them – and about his alleged “lesbian mother” -- to be fact-checked by credible news organizations with established, trustworthy fact-checking departments.

Additionally, we must demand that Robert Oscar Lopez now disclose how much The Witherspoon Institute paid him for his gay-bashing essay in support of the Regnerus study. We must further demand that Robert Oscar Lopez immediately make available to the public, and publish online, all of his communications about the Regnerus study, and/or his efforts in promoting the Regnerus study. Lopez must disclose and publish to the internet all of his communications about the Regnerus study with 1) the Witherspoon Institute and any of its officials, employees or contract workers; 2) the National Organization for Marriage and any of its officials, employees or contract workers; 3) all of Lopez's correspondence with Mark Regnerus about Regnerus's study and "LGBT issues." 4) any and all other correspondence that Lopez has had with others about the Regnerus study.

Note that Robert Oscar Lopez is an employee of the California State University, Northridge.

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