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Glue traps cause hours of torture for targeted and untargeted animals.  Imagine being stuck, unable to move --- struggling until you die from exhaustion, or dehydration, or you starve.

Animals caught on glue traps are first filled with terror, not understanding what has happened to them; they are also separated from their young; what ensues is hours of suffering and prolonged death. 

There is simply no excuse for this kind of cruel device to be sold to the public when there are alternative ways to get "pests" out of homes.  

Mice, kittens, birds, squirrels, reptiles --- any and every small animal unfortunate enough to come across a glue trap has been caught and doomed.   How many suffer the pangs of hell in these sadistic traps every year is unimaginable. 

Please sell or rent Hav-A-Heart traps or the equivalent.  Advise your customers that you no longer sell torture traps for animals --- be a beacon in your industry. 

There is simply no justification for this intense cruelty to animals.  Please stop selling glue traps immediately!  


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