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End Gun Violence

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As a parent, I never bought any game that teaches violence. No not even plastic toy guns. Never allowed my kids to play videogames that are violent on playdates at their friends place(if they had any). We have movies that have a regulatory board/ ratings and understand clearly which are age appropriate for them to watch.
How can assault rifles be so easily available and get in the hands of young children?. 2nd Amendment rights??

What is a Second amendment ?
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms and was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments contained in the Bill of Rights.

Trust me, When the founding fathers laid the groundwork for Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights in the year 1789 to bear weapon... it was NOT an assault rifle they had in mind. Mass shootings have become a national epidemic. Are we threatening public safety or protecting liberty?.

One shoe bomber tried to blow up a Plane and now we are forced to take off our shoes.
Hundreds of mass shootings since Sandy Hook Elementary School and Congress has done NOTHING. Remember Gun violence is PREVENTABLE. Laws need to be changed.

These Children's life cannot be considered a Collateral damage for the profit of Gun manufacturers/NRA. In the wake of these school shootings, our hearts are broken.. We offer our condolences and prayers for the victims family. How many more mass shootings do we need to endure to ACT?.

Enough is Enough! We can't pretend that it can’t happen to us because We live in a nice neighborhood with “good” schools or We are a God fearing family. Thoughts and prayers are not ENOUGH - We need action in Congress to address Gun violence.

Imagine the fear in the hearts of all American children. Our children deserve and need to live free. They should not live in fear of getting slaughtered at school and playgrounds so the NRA can make billions and the insane can stockpile on assault weapons. Crazy people don’t become mass killers, Angry people do and anyone can become angry. All these people walk amongst us. Let’s make sure assault weapons and jumbo load of ammo magazines can’t get in the hands of anyone. EVER!.
#AR15 is a military style gun, a weapon of war and have no place in our communities.

The solution to stop School massacres is definitely not arming the Teachers in School. Four "Good guys" with a gun did nothing in Parkland. Definitely shoots down the myth that armed Teachers can act in a crisis situation. But records show Teachers did give up their life protecting the students in all the school shootings in the past. They showed bravery without a  weapon. They sacrificed their life protecting the students as their own children. BUT WE DONOT SUPPORT ARMING TEACHERS IN SCHOOLS. TEACHERS ARE NOT SOLDIERS! They have a noble job- which is to educate kids. 

Everyday our elected officials fail to address Gun violence.. another School, Community, Theatre, Restaurant, Mall, Concert, Stadium, is at risk of being upended by a massacre.
Moments of silence have fested into decades of inaction. One thing has become clear: Congress will not change, So we must change Congress. Change is the Law of nature.

Please click and watch this video below and tell us, what kind of Gun Control Laws are these??

ON March 24th the students will march to D.C. #NeverAgain #MarchForOurLives

On April 2nd New Jersey will march in support of these students #NJMarchOnGunControls

On April 20th, on the mark of nineteenth  anniversary of Columbine, there will be a NATIONAL WALKOUT DAY is for all those we have lost, all those still mourning, and for all those who will never be the same. NO MORE GUN MASSACRE! #NationalWalkoutDay 


As a mom, I will do everything and anything I can to support end gun violence. On March 24th, Time to march with these children and make their voice heard loud and clear. I'm completely  blown away by their strength and conviction. Hear them and Let's not fail them anymore✊.


Urmila Indiran, #mom




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