Disney Please Donate abandoned Discovery Island to Non-Profit Animal Sanctuary.

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It seems that The Walt Disney Company has gotten some bad press for allowing the once beautiful Discovery Island to fall to ruin. Recent online videos highlight the shocking devastation. We feel we have the perfect solution that would turn a bad story into something really good.

Many believe it would be in Disney's best interest to pass the property on to a Non-Profit group that would guarantee cleaning up the island and bringing it back to life with their growing national rescue. SaveaFox's mission statement is: "To rescue and provide forever homes for domestic wildlife"

SAVEAFOX CORPORATION is a non-profit Fox and Mink Rescue. Specializing in rescuing captive foxes and mink from Fur-farms and captive situations. Because they are born in captivity they could never be released into the wild. Mikayla Raines, founder of SAVEAFOX has specialized in foxes for 8 years now.  It is the largest fox rescue in the United States and provides the largest spaces for a fox for the first time to feel like a fox instead of stuck in a wire cage for their whole life. SAVEAFOX has already received much great press with their over 300,000+ social media followers. SAVEAFOX has been featured in National Geographic, news papers and multiple news stations from across the globe. 

Not only does SAVEAFOX rescue but they also provide daily education through social media and in schools around the state. 
With furfarming being a dying trade furfarms are closing down and the foxes are in need of a place to go. There are no shortage of domestic captive foxes in need of rescuing and we currently are turning down dozens weekly.

Yes we have read rumors that Discovery island may be unsafe but with no real proof to back up these claims. AND It WAS once a zoo. And we assure anyone who is signing this petition that we would not put any of our foxes in harms way. We are doing our due-diligence  and if we did indeed find out it is unsafe or unfit we will continue to look elsewhere. Until that is proven it does not hurt to try!

This petition is being made by the many people around the world that are sending out their plea to The Walt Disney Company to take a huge write-off, and at the same time doing something wonderful, by donating the property to SAVEAFOX Corporation.

Facebook: SAVEAFOX Rescue

                  Mikayla Raines

Instagram: @Mikdolittles_animals @marsupials_and_mustelids