End Greyhound racing in Auckland

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My name is Krista Woodward and I am 12 years old. In 2014 I read born to run, a book about about greyhound racing, by Michael Morpurgo and was incredibly moved by the story but was shocked by how badly the greyhounds were treated. A year later I began to get interested in animal rights and since then I have been doing all my school projects on animal rights. Recently I decided I wanted to do a project on greyhound racing. After researching I was completely gobsmacked by the way they treat these beautiful creatures, it's appalling.

Greyhounds may fall or bump into objects on or around the track, or other greyhounds, causing skin tears, broken bones and traumas. Any injury makes them 'useless' to the industry. Resulting in them being euthanised. Some just simply become too old to race. This is no way to treat a living, breathing creature. 

A few days ago I met an rescued racer dog named Annie. I felt such a strong connection and I knew instantly it was up to me to spare the lives of others just like her. New South Wales has banned it. So why can't Auckland? Please sign this petition to end greyhound racing in Auckland!

Note: My mum Rebecca has given me permission to make this petition.