Halt the Extinction of the Greater Glider

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Australian Scientists have known that the magical and beautiful Greater Glider was on its way to extinction. Its been called a cross between a flying Koala and a Possum. In Conjola National Park NSW and the surrounding forests they were making a comeback. It had taken over 20 years. That was until the extinction event of the East Coast Bushfires 2019. Especially the Currowan Fire.

I am a Firefighter in NSW. The fire was horrendous. Over a billion animals burnt to death. The magnificent Greater Gliders had no chance. I said to my partner Melody, “Watching the complete obliteration of all our native wildlife is really starting to get to me” 5.4 Million hectares in NSW alone, virtually every living thing turned to ash. We were starting to feel hopeless but my colleagues and I battled on risking our own lives to save habitats including our own. Melodys' parents were almost burnt to death protecting the native animals in their Sanctuary inside Conjola National Park. Her Mum spent over 4 months in a burns unit in hospital and her Dad not much less. Now they/we have to watch on as the last piece of richly biodiverse land, Greater Glider habitat and supporting an Ecologically Endangered Community is allowed to be destroyed by Ozy Homes to make way for an unnecessary housing development in our small rural village.

Rob Stokes the NSW Minister for planning can call a halt to this but is allowing Ozy Homes to destroy this vital habitat. The destruction will begin soon but we still have time. We need you to tell everyone to contact who they can to put a halt to this extermination event now. 

Rob Stokes Member for Pittwater.  Pittwater Electorate Office: 1725 Pittwater Road MONA VALE NSW 2103 Email: pittwater@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Phone: (02) 9999 3599
Fax: (02) 9999 0922

Photo Attributed to Hans and Judy Beste.