Halt the Extinction of the Greater Glider

Halt the Extinction of the Greater Glider

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Bill Eger started this petition to Tanya Plibersek (Federal Minister for Environment)

The magnificent greater glider is at the tipping point of extinction in an area it once thrived in, at Manyana NSW. Right now, the Federal Minister for Environment is deciding whether or not to give our rare forest ecosystem protection under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

There's potentially at least 51 conservation dependent species that need this bushland to recover after the Black Summer fires. Yet, housing developer Ozy Homes wants to destroy this unique forest that my fellow firefighters saved last summer.

Last year, thousands of you across Australia came together and helped fight Ozy Homes, preventing the destruction. This time we need more of you join the fight to save our precious habitats here and at Callala Bay. Please sign the petition to show Tanya Plibersek how much this piece of land means to Australians.

Scientific surveys are reporting ecological collapse here which is a terrible grief. The loss of the Greater Glider population at Murramarang, not far from here, was a dreadful reality check. From what I saw of the fires, I have no doubt. We cannot let this happen at Manyana or Callala or anywhere else for that matter. 

Help us save the Greater Glider and other endangered species by becoming involved in campaigns to save our precious environment.


May 2020

Australian Scientists  know that the magical and beautiful Greater Glider is on its way to extinction. Its been called a cross between a flying Koala and a Possum. In Conjola National Park NSW and the surrounding forests they were trying to make a comeback. It had taken over 20 years. That was until the extinction event of the East Coast Bushfires 2019. Especially the Currowan Fire.

I am a Firefighter in NSW. The fire was horrendous. Over 3 billion animals burnt to death or displaced to die from starvation, thirst or predators. The magnificent Greater Gliders had no chance. I said it to my partner Melody, “Watching the complete obliteration of all our native wildlife is really starting to get to me” 5.4 Million hectares in NSW alone, virtually every living thing in the forests turned to ash. We were starting to feel hopeless but my colleagues and I battled on risking our lives to save habitats including our own. Melodys' parents were almost burnt to death protecting the native animals in their Sanctuary inside Conjola National Park. Her Mum spent over 4 months in a burns unit in hospital and her Dad not much less. Now they/we have to watch on as these last pieces of richly biodiverse land, Greater Glider habitat, supporting Ecologically Endangered Communities and other threatened species are allowed to be destroyed by Ozy Homes and others to make way for an unnecessary housing development in our small rural village. Now, at Callala Bay just up the road from us, another Company, Halloran Corporation/Sealark have been given permission to destroy one of the last heavily populated habitats of the Endangered Greater Glider. 

We are calling on the Federal Minister for Environment Tanya Plibersek to stop the destruction of endangered species habitat. How can we allow Ozy Homes and Sealark to destroy these vital habitats.  We still have time. We need people power to tell everyone to contact who they can to put a stop to this extinction event now. 

Send an email of protest to Ozy homes, -- contact@manyanaestate.com 

Send an email of  protest to Sealark, -- office@hallorantrust.com.au

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Photo Attributed to Hans and Judy Beste.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!
At 150,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!