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Robert Duggan, CEO, Pharmacyclics: Give David the break-through cancer drug that could save his life

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David Marr has spent his life helping others as a family lawyer.  He would often waive fees and expenses or barter for services because of his compassion and desire to help those less fortunate. Now Dave needs your help!  He is losing his battle with cancer and Pharmacyclics has refused to provide the break-through drug that could save his life.


Dave is a 74 yo who lives for his family.  His eight grandchildren have embraced Grampa’s love of life and people. He lived like he was 54 yo until he was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma almost four years ago. He has fought a brave battle but is steadily losing.  One of the chemotherapy regimens caused kidney damage which now limits his access to drug trials.  After multiple chemotherapy regimens, he has no options left.  However, Pharmacyclics has a new break-through drug still in trials that could save his life called Ibrutinib.  In trials, it has been so effective against some lymphomas, including Mantle Cell, and so safe in terms of toxicity, that it is on fast-track approval by the FDA and expected to be available by the end of the year. Unfortunately, this may be too late for Dave.  His oncologist, Dr. Ephraim Hochberg at Massachusetts General Hospital petitioned the company for compassionate use of the drug and was denied. WHY?  This is a company that states in it’s most recent annual statement:

 “ Pharmacyclics has made significant and concrete progress toward our goalof being first-mover in creating an entirely new landscape in the patient-friendly treatment of cancer.  Friendly as defined in the American Heritage Dictionary means: “warm, comforting; not antagonistic.”

It would seem that Pharmacyclics does not live up to its stated mission of patient-friendly cancer treatment. Is the company more concerned with avoiding any potential adverse outcomes that could effect its stock price? So my question to Mr. Bob Duggan, Chairman & CEO of Pharmacyclics is: How much is a life worth?  What possible reason could there be for denying a potentially life-saving drug to someone who has no other options and will die within months from their disease? 


So please, we need your support to ask Mr. Duggan to think about what a life is worth and do the right thing and show compassion for Dave.  Their drug, Ibrutinib, is his only and last chance.  All he wants is this chance.

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