Ask Gun and Ammo Manufacturers to Help Fund Your Schools' Security

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Our son goes to a good school that we believe in. But, my wife and I just talked about what would happen if someone pulled-up to the front of the building and started shooting their way in. Is the glass bullet proof? Could anyone stop this person? No, there is no one in the building equipped to prevent a mass shooting. The reality is many people would die.We are currently relying on hope, and that's not a strategy.

While people argue over banning weapons, and the laughable idea of arming teachers to police their buildings, and even raising the minimum age to by an AR-15, Americans have a moral responsibility to take action NOW to keep our schools safe. Not just kind of safe - REALLY SAFE. We need to assess each of our country's school buildings (starting with OUR school), decide what resources are required to mitigate an assault crisis, and then install those resources immediately. Because we do not know where the next event will occur, we must secure ALL schools. Not just some lucky ones. ALL SCHOOLS IN THIS COUNTRY.

I'm guessing this will cost our country a lot of money, probably $10B+ per year based on some "back of the napkin" math. The fact is, it doesn't matter what it costs because it's our government's duty to keep our kids safe in these school buildings. But, I am realistic so I can't just say "it doesn't matter" without providing a viable option. Here it is: I am calling on my local, state and federal representatives to levy a special "Secure our Schools" fee on the sales of guns and ammunition to cover these costs. You should do the same, if you think your school is not safe enough. This critical fee will allow us to secure our schools IMMEDIATELY.

I am not challenging 2nd Amendment Rights or gun laws. Others are doing that. This proposal allows the folks who are staunch supporters of the 2nd amendment to maintain their position while accepting that there is a financial consequence of how some of these guns are being applied by a fractional percentage of individuals.Our schools are already cash strapped (at least our district is), so expecting that we can just cut programs or lay-off teachers or cut staff is a non-starter. The guns and ammo fee will help make our children safe again. Extraordinary times require extraordinary actions.

Will YOUR child survive a shooting at school? Support this plan and make the answer "yes!"

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