END the illegal imprisonment and persecution of Lyn Thyer and David Noakes now.

END the illegal imprisonment and persecution of Lyn Thyer and David Noakes now.

31 July 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aaron Johnston

This case has been ongoing for years now and it is regarding Lyn Thyer and David Noakes who both helped to invent and bring about the cancer treatment GcMAF, which was discovered around 24 years ago. Lyn is being held in prison awaiting unlawful extradition to a French jail as we speak. David was recently released a month late after 5 months in prison and faces court this Friday to take away his assets and make sure he has no power or ability to challenge this unlawful and unjust fiasco! 

This is an excerpt from the GcMAF website explaining exactly what it is -

GcMAF is the best treatment yet found for tumour cancers and 50 other diseases. It is a human protein, a human right, the king of immunotherapies and has no side effects.
Immuno Biotech has supplied over 10,000 people around the world, including 350 doctors and clinics, and written 32 scientific research papers, peer reviewed and published in the world’s top scientific journals. In total, 200 scientists from eight nations have written 120 GcMAF scientific research papers. Immuno Biotech is a professional, benevolent, ethical company with our own laboratories, who lead the world in the science of GcMAF. We put our GcMAF through 9 tests, and have supplied it for six years. It is the only sterile, fully tested, genuine GcMAF.


Another excerpt below from a letter written by David Noakes after he was released from prison.

There are now 1,000 scientific research papers on GcMAF on Google Scholar, 150 peer reviewed and in the world’s top scientific journals, 70+ peer reviewed for a second time and on the American National Library of Medicine or pubmed. They published 33 scientific research papers mostly covering GcMAF's successes in patients. It clears 33 tumour cancers including pancreatic, and incurable HGSC, the worst of the ovarian cancers, no survivors, see Youtube ‘Teri Davis Newman‘.

Our GcMAF is the only treatment in history to turn off the HER2 oncogene (20% of breast cancer patients have it) – we published 3 papers on that: Pubmed 25675551, Glycosylated oleic acid/Vitamin D-binding protein (OA-GcMAF) suppresses HER2 oncogene expression in human breast cancer.

Now we face confiscation of our remaining possessions under the Proceeds of Crime Act to leave us penniless, then the MHRA contacted their opposite numbers in France, OCLAESP, also big pharma controlled. They raised 9 false charges on a European Arrest Warrant, (More EU legislation) and expect to give us 12 year sentences in the worst jails in Europe. If we can’t stop it, none of us will survive.

All this to protect the $100 Billion profits of chemotherapy.


Now as you can imagine this would solve lots and lots of problems within the NHS and it will help the health epidemic that is created by the system in which we live within. GcMAF is 1% the cost of chemo, 40 times as effective, and as a human protein it has no side effects and is present in healthy people. Without it your immune won't function as it should.

So Lyn Thyer and David Noakes, both involved in the research and the invention of this treatment are being persecuted and illegally/wrongfully criminalised by the MHRA, big pharma and Parliament who have been concealing it for 25 years, and killed two million cancer patients in the process. Put it in the NHS and it would save 120,000 lives a year. UK and French courts have been acting with corruption at the forefront and with trumped up charges based on the UNRELATED European Arrest Warrant which was introduced for terrorism, that they have broken the law based on the fact they are trying to do right by humanity and save thousands of lives of the people who suffer with cancer. Of course both Lyn and David obviously are not guilty of any such injustice, in the slightest. In fact they should be worshipped and congratulated and given a pat on the back for helping to find a cure for many forms of cancer and other illnesses.

This is an act of complete and utter disgust! Outrageous at best. It is simply allowed to happen because of the corruption within our entire justice system along with big pharma at the forefront controlling who is and who isn't allowed to produce and sell cancer treatments that actually WORK.


Furthermore - One of Lyn and David's colleagues who along with many others have been targeted. 

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet presented findings of treating more than 11,000 patients with various chronic illnesses using GcMAF immunotherapy. He had an 85 percent success rate with 15 percent of patients seeing the full remission of their illness. Only 15 percent of individuals did not exhibit any response to the treatment.

Dr. Bradstreet’s was killed the day after a raid on his clinic on June 19th 2015 and his death was ruled a suicide. Those close to Dr. Bradstreet say that he exhibited no suicidal behaviors or depression. He was found in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest. His death is believed by many to be a murder as a consequence of his knowledge involving GcMAF therapy.

The FDA raided Dr. Bradstreet’s clinic on June 18 2015 seizing virals of GcMAF. Following the raid Dr. Bradstreet fled to a hotel in North Carolina near Lake Lure. The FDA would deem his practice “unethical science” and would have been indicted to face up to 20 years in prison if found guilty.


I ask you to sign this petition so we can get Lyn Thyer, Prisoner A0305EK, out of Bronzefield Prison, Woodthorpe Rd, Ashford, Middlesex, where she is on hunger strike and awaiting unlawful extradition to a French jail for 12 years in the coming week. Where has compassion and humanity gone too? Why does it not exist in this country anymore?

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Signatures: 6,160Next Goal: 7,500
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