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Illegal Wiretap: Case 3:16-cr-82-DJH.

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This case is fabricated upon illegal wiretaps, nepotism and hearsay. The United States Assistant prosecutors, Robert B. Bonar and Amy M. Sullivan are withholding evidence pertinent to Mr. Watts defense and presenting false information about him. This case is spurious. If anyone wants to see court documents proving it, please reach out to a free website to review the case. I am currently seeking help from the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky (non- profit organization) to see if they can assist in getting the statistics and procedure for  obtaining wiretaps. Adrienna Wong of the American Civil Liberties Union of  Southern California got a lot of backlash, when she asked for California statistics.

Also, I am asking that the Honorable Judge David J. Hale be recused from this case because his rulings always lean toward the prosecutors.  Mr. Dante Watts has hired Frank Mascagni and seeking additional counsel to assist in the case, knowing that this can potentially prolong his stay in jail while fighting for his innocence. Mr. Watts has incurred healthcare maltreatment; has filed several grievances which include retaliation and the grievances are overlooked.  A man, who is willing to hire additional attorneys and go to trial knowing that he may not get a fair trial is innocent. Currently, he is being held in jail without bail for 18 months and counting, is not a guilty man, but a man who wants justice to be served.

I need your support because Judge David J. Hale has summoned the prosecutors, Robert B. Bonar and Amy M. Sullivan to submit the necessary evidence for justification of the wiretaps. If the motions are continually denied and the judge keeps extending the prosecutors time to submit evidence, then I am not sure if Judge Hale will give Dante Watts enough time to prepare for this trial.  Judge Hale wants Mr. Watts, who has been held in jail since July 2016 to go to trial, despite the fact his counsel is lacking all the evidence from the prosecutors. This case is spurious and an attempt to railroad Mr. Dante Watts. If you need to see the document and transcripts from some of his case hearing in front of the Judge David J. Hale, you will see the bias in his own words. Please join us, in our sought-out journey of justice for the people.  This case is not only for Dante Watts, but for all the people of humanity who has been jailed based upon illegally obtained wiretaps and falsified evidence.


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