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Make Monday Meatless at A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts

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For the majority of the human species existence the toughest ethical debates that we have participated in focused on the way we treat humans, from racism to sexism , but in this day and age the evil that those of the future will characterize us by is our blatant speciesism and environmental irreverence.

Times will  bring change , as we become more educated and advance as creatures we learn the truths of the world. The preciousness of life and the importance of conservation and improvement of the world, slowly we are progressing to a universal non meat diet. A diet which is not only ethical in the sense of it does not murder sentient life but also one which does not support the misuse of resources.

Switching out of a meat based diet one day a week heavily reduces the contribution we have onto world waste,  as consuming no meat means a stop to the process that accompanies the birth of an animal to its execution. All the water use needed to support a massive animal population, and all pollution produced by animals.

We as A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts should not support this murder to the environment but rather contribute to the progression to a better world, changing one day a week to a more sustainable diet.

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