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Gozitans, Maltese Citizens, NGOs, ex-pats, and tourists are deeply upset and fearful about the rise of environmentally destructive development projects  in Gozo. They see the beauty around them being destroyed and are uniting like never before in an effort to halt the assault upon their beloved island.

Ill-planned, dangerous and ugly wide-roadening efforts; needless concrete buildings (designed for the short-term financial gain of developers); and projects that threaten both the sea-side and skyscape are being planned across this small island. These threaten everything from air-quality and health to historic architecture and archaeological research.

Such ill-planned and aesthetically displeasing construction deeply threatens residents' well-being, lifestyle, and peace of mind. It also endangers the tourist industry upon which Gozo relies. Furthermore, it is a retrogressive step backwards in the European Union's and international community's effort to battle climate change, which requires the "greening" of spaces, not destruction of nature.

An unprecedented bipartisan effort regarding 100% of Gozo's mayors from both major parties have come together to speak out against this outrage. Gozo's Local Councils, too, "unanimously demand an effective call to action”.

We, the undersigned, petition the Prime Minister, the Minister for Gozo, the Planning Authority, and the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development, and Climate Change to work together with Mayors, Local Councils, and residents and protect the natural beauty, landscape, vernacular architecture, cultural heritage and unique archaeology of Għawdex. This beautiful and unique island should not be destroyed.