Change the Anti-Bullying Policy at Aynor Middle School

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 Our first concern are our children! They are the driving force behind this petition.

**We'd like to dedicate the anticipated results of this project to precious angel, beautiful soul who left this world way too soon-- Taylor Ibarra. Taylor suffered from bullying at the hands of classmates and teachers while at Aynor Middle School while his plight was ignored and downplayed by administration. Sadly, during the Christmas holidays 2017, Taylor took his life in desperation and despair as the full effect of bullying crushed his spirit.**

Not one more... that's our goal!

♡Not one more child feeling that level of devastating misery.

♡Not one more child being isolated, mentally or physically tormented- at school or online.

♡Not one more teacher humiliating, intimidating, mocking, discriminating against or abusing their power rather than showing love, acceptance, tolerance, patience, kindness and support.

♡Not one more administrator, teacher, faculty, staff or classmate turning their head, closing their eyes, not hearing the obvious or refusing to ACT when someone is clearly in trouble.

♡Not one more child slipping through the cracks.

We propose an open-forum meeting to begin the process of reforming the anti-bullying policy. The meeting should be mandatory for all administrators, all teachers and all staff with direct student interaction. All parents should be invited to attend. This meeting should be moderated by Student Affairs rep from Horry County Schools District Office to maintain order & decorum while also allowing all to be heard. 

We pray the initial meeting opens the door to form a parent/teacher/staff/student committee to meet monthly to address any new or ongoing bullying issues.

Furthermore, this group can accept anonymous tips, complaints, reports of bullying. Other abilities, functions and authorities to be determined after formation.

Please help us assure NOT ONE MORE child becomes a victim. Let your signature be your voice as you join the #NotOneMore movement sweeping through Aynor Middle School!