Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives Task Force for Wisconsin

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Please pass Assembly Bill 548 - relating to creating a task force for missing and murdered Indigenous women and relatives, and making appropriation.

The primary purpose of this task force is to reduce violence against Indigenous women, resolve and identify systematic causes and contributing factors of violence, and would work to identify the root cause of gender based violence against Indigenous people.

The task force would also resolve jurisdictional issues to strengthen the reporting protocol on a local, state, and federal level.

The task force would identify the problems within the state criminal justice database related to missing and murdered Indigenous people. 

The task force would examine appropriate methods for collecting and tracking data and provide a report on steps which should be taken to reduce violence, then begin to shape the implementation of policies and procedures which address violence against tribal women and relatives.

We must understand the scope of the problem to prevent it. Wisconsin must take responsibility for this issue. Human trafficking must stay at the forefront of priority. This is a state problem that must be solved by the state.