Prevent the Discontinuation of the 189x (E89) Bus Service from Bilgola Plateau/Clareville

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Prevent the Discontinuation of the 189x (E89) Bus Service from Bilgola Plateau/Clareville to Wynyard and Return.

The planned discontinuation of this express bus route will be disastrous for the Bilgola Plateau/Clareville community. This route is regularly used by commuters who work in the city, young people going to university, Tafe and workplaces, and school students who change in Newport and Mona Vale to connect with school buses, as well as frequent casual users. It is indefensible to have employed data from the Covid period to estimate usage of this route, especially as city firms prepare to bring employees back in the new year. Prior to Covid, the 189x was 1/2 – 2/3 full by the time it left the Plateau in the morning, and by the end of Newport, standing room only. Often, it was impossible to get a seat on the return journey from Wynyard.

The suggested ‘alternative’ transport option is to take the 191, which goes in the opposite direction to the 189x, North, into Avalon, to then change to the South-bound 190x to the city. For a student wanting to take the (current) ten-minute trip to Newport to change to a school bus, this then becomes closer to an hour. Taking this long, roundabout route into Avalon, then having to change to the 190x would add approximately 35-45 minutes to a commute to the city, making it close to 2 hours, which is clearly untenable and unworkable.

Additionally, the cessation of this route will lower property values in Bilgola Plateau. There are many in the community who would not have bought here had it not been for the direct express route to the city, and who may now be forced to sell. Certainly, it will deter purchasers from investing in property here.

Finally, it will only increase car traffic, as commuters will now be forced to drive to Mona Vale, Warriewood, and further, putting increasing pressure on the already limited parking places. Nor will Keoride be useful in this situation due to its limited availability, particularly in the evenings, with wait times up to 30 mins or more.

Please do not isolate and grossly disadvantage our community like this; keep the 189x