Keep the 188x(E88) express bus service from North Avalon to Wynyard

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Currently travellers to the city are able to join a peak time express bus to and from North Avalon to the city. Extra services were added to the timetable late last year enabling more flexibility for those wishing to take one bus. This is the quickest journey into the city at approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. These buses serve many residents in the North Avalon community. Not only those workers and students but people making the journey for a multitude of reasons will be penalised.

There is a proposal to cancel the 188x (E88) from 20 December this year and merge it with a 'reconfigured' 190X (L90). The reconfigured route 190X will start at Avalon Beach in peak times instead of North Avalon.

Passengers will now be required to

  1. Catch a feeder bus (199) to Avalon Beach and join the 190X
    This could add 15-20 minutes to the existing journey depending on connections. In Mona Vale the B1 often arrives merely minutes after a 199 has arrived. This is particularly unsafe when it happens late at night adjacent to a park and busy hotel.
  2. Take a Keoride
    This is an unreliable service for commuters - many have reported waiting an hour for a keoride and then because it picks up more commuters on the way the actual trip to Avalon Beach itself could add up to 30-60 minutes depending on the availability of a driver. The keoride is a useful service only if you do not have a deadline.
  3. Drive to Avalon Beach
    Very problematic due to minimal car parks available - there are already parking issues at Mona Vale B1 - many commuters having to park way past the golf club and walk back to the main road. This will make it more difficult for those visiting the beach to be able to park nearby.
  4. Walk to Avalon Beach
    Depending on location this adds 15-60 minutes - not ideal for anyone carrying heavy bags or people with mobility issues

For the reasons stated above please sign this petition to request that the peak service 188X remains in place. The passenger numbers may be low for now but that is because many are working from home, many students aren't travelling into uni they are studying online and many people unfortunately are out of work so while they are looking they are not using this service.

Please reconsider this proposal which will cause problems for many residents North of Avalon Beach. The hub and spoke feeder system will not be sufficient in this instance to provide an equitable transport service for the community.