ADA approval for emotional support animals for veterans with mental health disabilities

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The VA offers support to veterans with mental health issues such as PTSD, depression and dysthemic disorder, however service animals and the ability to have an emotional support animal to help with breakdowns, seizures, nightmares, episodes of depression, etc are no longer covered under the ADA. While veterans are still allowed to have such animals, they are no longer given rights to have the service or emotional support animal with them in public spaces including airplanes, buses, work, school and even their own homes. Veterans should have the same access and rights to emotional support animals just as some have access to service animals. By disallowing emotional support animals for veterans, this is saying that not all disabilities are seen as legitimate disabilities in the eyes of the law. This is absolutely reprehensible and needs to be changed to permit documentation from a VA licensed mental health professional permission to have an emotional support animal that is fully covered with all rights deserving under the ADA. While there are many who fake and lie about their animals being emotional support animals, providing specific documentation for veterans would be a step in the right direction in giving our veterans the support they need not only while at the VA but at home as well.