Force The MLB To Take Action On Mets POOR Management and Ownership

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For at least 6 seasons now, the NY Mets have either been cheap, in debt, or simply do not care about winning. The last time they've been in the Top 10 in MLB payroll was 2011, right before the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme blew up in their face. Keep in mind this is NEW YORK, the biggest market in the country, not some small city like San Diego or Kansas City, as it appears to be when you look at the little amount of money spent by this team each year. Despite having high expectations, WS aspirations the last 3 seasons, the Mets are still constantly hesitant to spend money. 

While across town, the Yankees are going after the likes of Giancarlo Stanton, and the Mets are settling for old, washed-up veterans such as Michael Cuddyer, and now, the new one seems to be Jason Vargas. With the Yankees playing in the exact same town and spending all the money they want each year, it's very suspicious to see a team playing in the same exact market handling their team the opposite way, with the Mets seemingly treating their budget as if they play in a small market such as Kansas City.


The owners of the Mets, Fred and Jeff Wilpon and Saul Katz, reportedly lost $500 million from their involvement in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. Because of this, the Wilpons have had to settle for loans, clearly indicating financial problems due to the money lost in the scandal.

It resulted in ownership having to borrow an additional $430 million against the team (now down to $250 million), and $450 million against SNY (now up to over $600 million). Financing these debts, as well as the $43 million annual payment on Citi Field, costs the Mets over $100 million each year, before any of the principal is paid down.


Word on the street is that the only reason the current Mets' ownership still owns the team is due to their relationship with current MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, who constantly defends them despite the agnony they put on the Mets' faithful.

If this is the case, someone needs to step in, NOW! We need to force the Wilpons and Katz to sell the team, as they clearly are in no position to be running it. Whether they're simply cheap, running out of money, or flat out don't care, something is VERY wrong here! The MLB needs to do something about it and help out the biggest market and one of the most loyal fanbases in baseball!





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