STOP! FGM in the State of California now!

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FGM, (Female Genital Mutilation), is a brutal and ancient form of mutilation of female genitalia that is still being practiced around the world, and yes here in California in secrecy. Though it is practiced by mainly Muslims, it is not solely an Islamic practice, even some Christians in Egypt practice it. Some believe it is a means of controlling the sexual desire of girls and women, some believe it protects women against rape, above all it it believed to maintain chastity until marriage.  Many women from Africa, (both North and other parts), are victims of FGM.  The problem is it is spreading to Europe, Asia, and the UK, and USA.  We must stop this barbaric practice among our population in California we must protect the rights of women to a their unaltered bodies.  We must protect girls from this brutal form of surgery, and yes torture.  Some think that associating it with religion is a form of discrimination.  Identifying the roots of a problem, and how that problem is disseminated is important.  FGM is the removal of all the outer female genitalia by using in some cases rusty, handmade, razor blades and other sharp (not surgical) utensils.  Families ship their daughters overseas to have it done in secret.  Girls die from infection, and hemorrhage.  Forever their lives are altered, sex, childbearing and basic bodily functions are forever altered.  Tell Rob Bonta to end FGM in California! Stand up for the Rights of Girls and Women!