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Roanoke Valley Leadership: Stop the killing! Make RCACP an adoption friendly facility.

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Recently, Roanoke Valley leaders held a press conference to announce that RCACP would split from the Roanoke Valley SPCA and become its own entity.  We were told that separate executive director would be hired  and medical care would be provided for the homeless animals. Sadly, our local leaders have put the announced changes on the back burner and helpless animals continue to die.

In 2011, over 52% of the homeless animals housed at the Roanoke Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection (RCACP)were killed- 3,355 dogs and cats.

As concerned citizens, we believe companion animals improve the quality of life for their families and our community. Pets bring comfort, joy and improved health to their caretakers.
We recognize the plight of the thousands of homeless animals in our region, made even worse by the assumption that there are not enough homes for them all. However, we believe that this assumption cannot be made when adoptions are not being allowed from the regional facility that houses the homeless. Year after year, thousands of animals are needlessly euthanized. It is time to take a different path.
Proven methods are in place at many facilities in Virginia and around the country, decreasing intake and continually increasing adoptions, saving more and more lives of adoptable pets every day.
We ask that the following programs and actions, based on the success of other animal care facilities already following these proven guidelines, be implemented at the RCACP immediately:

• A comprehensive direct adoption program including, but not limited to; on-site adoption counselors, processes for completing adoptions and assuring sterilization, real animal interaction, attendance at off-site adoption events, promotion and advertising.
• A community pet retention program offering counseling, options and solutions to those considering pet relinquishment.
• A proactive redemption program to facilitate the return of pets to their owners including but not limited to; broader exposure for animals on stray hold, easier access to information on lost & found animals, payment programs and alternatives to fees.
• Hiring of a compassionate director who is separate from the Roanoke Valley SPCA & focused on the needs of the RCACP.
• Improved facilitation and working relationships with rescue groups.
• Increased promotion of low-cost spay and neuter.
• Expand and promote a volunteer program independent of the Roanoke Valley SPCA.
• Allow fundraising activities to support medical and care needs not currently covered in the current budget.
• Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs for free-roaming cats.
• A comprehensive direct foster care program.
• Specialized medical & behavior programs.

Once these actions are taken, the animal care operations in our region can truly benefit all citizens and also be a source of great pride in our community and leadership.
By allowing more homeless animals to move quickly on to rescues or adopters, by returning more lost animals to owners and by providing more options and solutions which enable pet owners to keep their pets, fewer animals will need housing at RCACP, and for shorter periods of time. This means less expense to the taxpayers, more space available and more lives being saved.

Not only can it be done, it is being done, right in our very own state of Virginia and across the country. The RCACP can do it as well.
Please sign this petition asking for the RCACP to become an adoption friendly animal care center reflecting the core values of our community.

After signing the petition please contact your local government officials to ask for these changes NOW! Time wasted = lives lost.
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